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Yukon Territory Clinical Services Plan

A Clinical Services Plan for Yukon was released in April 2014 to provide a plan for the long-term evolution of health and social service delivery in Yukon.

The Clinical Services Plan was produced by consultants to set a ten-year roadmap for the long- term evolution of health and social service delivery in Yukon. The plan provides a complete picture of existing services and resources within the current system and provides a model for how we can make further improvements to services. The model emphasizes collaborative practice between providers, integrating services to better deliver client/patient-centred care, and using current data to guide decision-making. The plan, prepared by Health Intelligence Inc. and associates, was released in April 2014. It consists of a report with findings and recommendations, accompanied by a data compendium that provides the most comprehensive data set for the Department of Health and Social Services (HSS), including data from First Nations, to help us to move to better data management in decision making and planning. The clinical services matrices is an excel-based tool for building a database to align need with service delivery across the system. This plan marks the first independent, evidence-based assessment of service delivery across the Yukon health and social service system.


The Clinical Services Plan, produced by consultants, sets a 10-year plan for the long-term evolution of health and social service delivery in Yukon.

The plan marks the first territorial and Department-wide assessment of health and social service delivery using a needs-based assessment approach.

The Department of Health and Social Services contracted Health Intelligence Inc. and associates in October 2013 to provide a plan to align service delivery with population needs. The plan is the result of six months of work and was publically released in April 2014. There are two companion documents to the written report: one is the data compendium providing the recommendations’ evidence foundation and the second is the clinical services matrices, an excel-based tool for the department’s use in building a database, and detailed human resource forecast planning to align with service delivery.

While HSS was the executive sponsor of the project, a variety of stakeholders from across the territory participated throughout, including Yukon Hospital Corporation, First Nations Governments, Yukon Registered Nurses Association, Yukon Health and Social Services Council, and Non-Government Organizations.



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