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Youth justice

Works to prevent or reduce the incidence of youth crime; promote health and well-being of youth and families; deliver safe, secure and culturally sensitive programs in response to youth crime, and promote healthy re-integration of young persons into the community. Services offered include Youth Probation, Custody Services and Community Programs, Youth Achievement Centre, and Youth High Risk Treatment Program.

This section has been developed by Health and Social Services for the use of youth. It attempts to speak to some of the questions that youth, specifically, may have when working within the Youth Justice system.

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Extrajudicial measures

The first consideration in most cases will be Extrajudicial Measures, or out-of court procedures. This is because the YCJA approaches youth justice with a proportionate approach to consequences.

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Getting a lawyer

Finding a lawyer. If your child is taken into custody or arrested, it is important to hire a lawyer immediately. Everyone is entitled to legal counsel, whether innocent or guilty and the decisions that will need to be made require the help of a professional who understands the process and the law.

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Helping your child

Emotional: Your support will be critical if your child is faced with going through the criminal justice system and maneuvering through the Youth Criminal Justice Act YCJA. It can be a scary and confusing time, even for adults.

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Planning for the Future

How long does a youth record last? Whenever a young person enters the youth justice system, a record will be opened in their name. This record will be “open”, that is, accessible, for a specified time period. Only a very limited range of persons will have access to the record during this time.

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Restorative Community Conference Program

A Restorative Community Conference is an opportunity for a young person who has been charged with an offence, or who has been directed under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), to meet with the people affected by his or her behaviour in a facilitated process that addressess: what is the harm, how can the harm be repaired, who is responsible for repairing the harm.

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Based on the YCJA, the purpose of youth sentencing is to help protect communities by holding a young person accountable for their actions. Rehabilitating and reintegrating youth into the community are the desired end results.

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Youth justice - Definitions

Listing of Youth Justice definitions

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Yukon Youth Justice

Youth Probation services in the Communities. For the most part, the Youth Probation functions the same way in Yukon communities as it does in Whitehorse.

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Contact info

Youth justice

Phone: 867-667-3610

Toll Free (Yukon, Nunavut and NWT); 1-800-661-0408 ext. 3610

Fax: 867-667-3620

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Youth justice (H-9A)
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