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Social Services

Social services programs such as adult community services, alcohol & drug services, family & children's services, regional services, senior services, senior and elder abuse, services for people with disabilities, and social assistance.

Adult community services

Provides a comprehensive range of social services and coordinates the development of these services for seniors, persons "in need" and/or with disabilities to enjoy a basic standard of living with maximum independence and dignity.

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Alcohol and Drug Services

Assisting individuals and communities in reducing the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs by providing quality addictions services.

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Family and children's services

Promotes, strengthens and sustains effective parenting and positive family functioning, and ensures that children are protected from abuse and neglect, and receive the care essential for their well being.

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Regional services

Provides a variety of services to Yukon residents living in rural Yukon. These services include child welfare, youth probation; family services, community support services, and adult protection.

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Seniors' Services/Adult Protection Unit

Information on services to seniors such as Extended Health Care Benefits, Home Care, Pharmacare, Pioneer Utility Grant, Yukon Capability and Consent Board, and Yukon Seniors Income Supplement.

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Services for People with Disabilities

Resources, sites, and service for people with disabilities.

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Social Assistance

Yukon Social Assistance is a program that provides financial assistance to people who do not have enough money to live on. This program is to be used only as a last resort after all other possible sources of income have been explored.

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Youth Initiatives

Provides a comprehensive range of social services specific to youth needs to support them toward a healthy and successful transitions to adulthood.

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