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Social Assistance Review Committee

Made up of a community members, the Social Assistance Review Committee hears review requests from social assistance applicants.

The Social Assistance Review Committee is made up of at least three community members.

Social assistance applicants and recipients have the right to ask for a review of any decision made by a social worker regarding the applicant/recipient’s eligibility to receive assistance for the month in question, the amount of assistance to be provided for the month in question, or both eligibility and amount. Requests are forwarded by the Income Support Unit to the Social Assistance Review Committee.

Review request forms are available at all social assistance offices. The review will take place within 30 days of the Social Assistance Review Committee  receiving the request for a review or as soon as it is possible to have a quorum to hold the review.

The Social Assistance Review Committee cannot change the social assistance rules but they can agree or disagree with the Director regarding the applicant/recipient’s eligibility for assistance, amount of assistance to be provided, or both. If it is determined that nothing about your social assistance status will change, and you don’t agree with the decision, you can appeal to the Courts.



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