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Yukon Health and Social Services Vision, Mission and Values

Where We're Going - Our Vision:

Healthy Communities - wellness for all

What We Do - Our Mission:

To promote, protect, and enhance the well-being of Yukon people through a continuum of quality, accessible, and appropriate health and social services.

What We Believe - Our Values

Human Potential - Implicit in much of the work that we do in Health and Social Services is a belief in the importance of providing supports and opportunities that enable each person to reach his or her maximum potential - ensuring that each of us is empowered to enjoy and participate as fully in life as possible, regardless of our circumstances.

Individual dignity - Underpinning the importance we attribute to human potential is a belief that every individual is valuable, worthy of respect and deserving of ethical treatment.

Working together - To make the most meaningful, lasting changes at a societal level, we need to work in an intergrated fashion. We are moving to a client/patient-centred delivery and need to work in partnership with other departments, First Nations and other governments, non-governmental organizations and members of the general public.

Accountability - To gain or maintain public trust, we must be prepared to be held accountable for our decisions and activities - to be able to say that we invested resources as wisely as possible based on sound evidence, best practice and prioritized need.


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