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Integrated Supports for Yukon Youth

Dedicated to youth aged 12 to 24 years, ISYY provides a one-door access to government services.

Information and services available at ISYY covers the spectrum of health and social supports and services available from government. Depending on need, staff and service partners operating out of ISYY will provide individuals with information on where and how to access required supports and services.  The ISYY is a collective space where government services providers will deliver services, programs and workshops.

This two-year pilot project is part of the Yukon Mental Wellness Strategy 2016-2026. The objective is to help identify an effective service delivery model which can be replicated in other parts of Yukon.

A youth visiting the centre will be greeted by a receptionist and have access to two family support workers and one social worker during open hours.

What youth can find at ISYY:

  • Job searches, including printing résumés
  • Snacks
  • Weekly workshops, talks and special events
  • Nurse on site every third Wednesday of each month
  • We offers to pay for any identification
  • Meeting rooms
  • Resources computers

How ISYY team can help you:

  • Access housing
  • Obtain Social Assistance
  • Budget your money
  • Understand tenant and landlord rights
  • Access education, training and bursaries
  • Request any form of identification (ID)
  • Make your way through the justice system
  • Access health services
  • And more…

What youth are saying about ISYY:

ISYY made it easy to apply for college, filling out application and finding transcripts, and helped create a funding plan to pay for it!” Youth: 24

The staff at ISYY have taught me a great deal about working with my landlord, and strategies to keeping safe and secure housing” Youth: 22

I was having a hard time addressing problems in my life until the staff at ISYY helped organize all of the services I needed to access, and helped me speak with each of the supports” Youth 19

Getting Identification was always difficult, there are so many forms and steps to know along the way. ISYY is great at organizing the steps and making it so easy to apply! Not to mention its free!” Youth 17

ISYY is such an inviting space, very comfortable, and friendly. Always open to help and concerned about my well-being” Youth 18


Contact info

Integrated Supports for Yukon Youth

Business hours: Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm

Phone: 867-456-6165

Toll Free (Yukon, Nunavut and NWT); 1-800-661-0408 ext. 6165

Mailing Address:

Integrated Supports for Yukon Youth (H-20)
Health & Social Services, Government of Yukon
Box 2703
Whitehorse, Yukon  Y1A 2C6

Location: 2090-A 2nd Avenue | Whitehorse, Yukon [map]


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