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Insured health services - Policies

Policies for Insured Health Services including drug & extended benefits, physician claims, medical travel, and drug programs.

Title Policy Files
Insured health services - Policies
Chronic Disease and Disability Benefits
Financial Assistance for Puberty Suppression (Puberty Blockers) Prescription Drugs CDDB 2017-01 PDF icon
Caps for children with hearing aids CDDB 2018-01 PDF icon
Drug & Extended Benefits Programs Policies
Twelve Month Limit for Reimbursement of Eligible Receipts DE-002 PDF icon
Physician Claims
Criteria for Coverage of Bilateral Breast Reduction Mammoplasty for Female Clients PC-001 PDF icon
Criteria for Coverage of Panniculectomy PC-002 PDF icon
Out-of-Territory Inpatient Addiction/Recovery Treatment PC-003 PDF icon
Criteria for Coverage of Gender Affirming Surgery PC-004 PDF icon
Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking Surgery Policy PC-005 PDF icon
Medical Travel Policies
Out of Territory Medical Travel by Vehicle Policy MT-001 PDF icon
Out of Territory Medical Travel by Air Policy MT-002 PDF icon
Lay Escort for Clients Who are Breastfeeding MT-004 PDF icon
Travel for Mifegymiso MT-005 PDF icon
Drug Programs Policies
Occupational and Home Care Assessment for Equipment Request DP-1 PDF icon
Electric Wheelchairs DP-2 PDF icon
Batteries for Electric Wheelchairs DP-3 PDF icon
Bed Frame and Mattress Purchased by Insured Health Services DP-4 PDF icon
Wheelchairs - Extended Health Care Benefits Program DP-6 PDF icon
Medical Equipment – Estimates and Needs Assessments Required DP-09 PDF icon
Pharmacare and Extended Benefits
Eligibility for Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure Machine - BiPAP and Continuous Positive Airway Pressure = CPAP PEB-01 PDF icon


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