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Health Professionals: Funding and other resources.

Information for Yukon Health Professionals such as bursary, drug formulary, employment, payment schedule, professional development fund, guidelines and other information.

Drug Formulary

Products can be searched for by using brand name, generic ingredient, drug identification number (DIN) or by manufacturer name.

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Guidelines, manuals, and resources for Yukon health professionals including Blood & body fluid exposure management, Communicable Disease Guidelines, Immunization program manual, Opioid and substitution therapy, Rabies risk management, TB Control Manual and more.

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Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHPs)

Information about working as a healthcare professional in Yukon, Canada. You will find Yukon-specific information about how to get licensed in a regulated health profession, who the employers are and where to look for employment opportunities and more.

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Medical education bursary

The Yukon medical education bursary is intended to support people who live or have lived in Yukon to attend medical school in the pursuit of a Family Medicine residency program.

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Medical treatment travel

The Yukon has a travel for medical treatment program, which is available to help eligible persons with the cost of medically necessary transportation.

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Nursing bursary program

First introduced in 1999, the Yukon nursing education bursary is intended to support people who live or have lived in the Yukon to attend nursing school.

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Payment schedule for Yukon

The Payment Schedule for Yukon, Health Care Insurance Plan (YHCIP) is the list of fees agreed upon by Insured Health Services and the Yukon Medical Association, and are payable to physicians for insured medical services.

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YukonMD is a "one-stop" recruitment site for physicians who want jobs/practice opportunities in Yukon.

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