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Funding Programs

The Department of Health and Social Services, directly or in partnership, supports a number of funding programs which assist Yukon residents in a variety of ways.

Health investment fund

The Health Investment Fund is mandated under the Yukon Health Act to provide financial support for short-term projects aimed at promoting wellbeing in order to strengthen communities and make them and their residents healthier.

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Health professionals education bursary

The Yukon Health Profession Education bursary is available to a minimum of 6 new students per year.

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Kids recreation fund

The purpose of the Kids Recreation Fund (KRF) is to assist children and youth who are unable to actively participate in organized recreation programs because of financial hardship.

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Medical education bursary

The Yukon medical education bursary is intended to support people who live or have lived in Yukon to attend medical school in the pursuit of a Family Medicine residency program.

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Nursing bursary program

First introduced in 1999, the Yukon nursing education bursary is intended to support people who live or have lived in the Yukon to attend nursing school.

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Professional development fund

This fund is designed to assist those working in the health and social services fields advance their direct delivery skills so they can provide Yukon people with high quality services.

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Youth investment fund

The Youth Investment Fund was established in 1995 our of a need to recognize the value of community-driven initiatives aimed at addressing the needs of Yukon youth. Many projects are designed to meet the needs of youth susceptible to "at risk" behaviour and youth not already benefiting from other government programs and services.

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