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How to find a doctor in Whitehorse

Call (867) 393-6980 to find out which physicians are taking new patients.

This information is updated regularly.

You can also visit the Yukon Medical Council website to see a list of Yukon Licensed Physicians and Walk-in Clinics.

Patients needing sexual, reproductive and menopause health support can visit one of two new clinics that accept patients without a family physician as well as referrals from other health care providers.

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Yukon Sexual Health Clinic

Whitehorse Medical Clinic at 406 Lambert St in Whitehorse
P: 867-393-6635

The Yukon Sexual Health Clinic welcomes youth, men of all ages and women under 40 sexual or reproductive health services. Check out the clinic brochure for more information.


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Yukon Women’s MidLife Health Clinic

Pine Medical Centre at 5110 5th Avenue in Whitehorse
P: 867-633-3080

The Yukon Women’s MidLife Health Clinic offers support to women 40 years of age and older who are approaching, experiencing, or are beyond menopause and want help managing related symptoms.   Check out the clinic brochure for more information.