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Find a doctor in Whitehorse

How to find a doctor in Whitehorse

Call (867)393-6980 to find out which physicians are taking new patients.

This information is updated regularly.

You can also visit the Yukon Medical Council website to see a list of Yukon Licensed Physicians and Walk-in Clinics.

Patients needing sexual, reproductive and menopause health support can visit one of two new clinics that accept patients without a family physician as well as referrals from other health care providers.

Get the low-down
Yukon Sexual Health Clinic
Whitehorse Medical Clinic at 406 Lambert St in Whitehorse
P: 867-393-6635

Too hot to handle
Yukon Women’s MidLife Health Clinic
Pine Medical Centre at 5110 5th Avenue in Whitehorse
P: 867-633-3080


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