Add an event from calendar administration

  1. Go to

    If you're not a calendar administrator you can post an event at
  2. Enter your 'Email Address'
  3. Enter your 'Password'
  4. Click 'Log In'
  5. Click on 'Events' from the Calendar menu
  6. Click 'Add Shared Event'

    This will bring up the event form
  7. Title:

    The title should start with the community name and only be a few word that describe the event. Example: "Mayo – Child Development Centre"
  8. Category:

    Drop down list - you can only select one category
  9. Description:

    Example "Visits with families to answer any questions about their child's development for children from birth to 5 years. Follow Along program to do developmental checklists. Phone: 867-456-8182"
  10. Venue:

    The Venue can be the commonly used building or venue name.
  11. Location:

    The location is where you will put the physical address of the event.
  12. Website (include http:// or https://)

    It's good practice to go to the website in your browser and copy the address in the address bar, and paste it into this field. This will alleviate typos on the address while at the same time; you are viewing the website to ensure that it is the correct website that you want to post.
  13. Select the 'Start Date' from the calendar provided once that field is clicked.
  14. Select the 'End Date' from the calendar provided once that field is clicked.
  15. Daily Start Time:

    options include 24 hour clock. Example: 14:00 or 2:00pm
    Insert what is commonly used or what you prefer.
  16. All Day Event:

    Check 'All Day Event' if this does not have a start time or end time and runs all day.
  17. Required RSVP:

    Check 'Requires RSVP' if you would like a link for people to RSVP to this event.
  18. Contact Email:

    You must provide a valid email address in the 'Contact Email' field if you have selected RSVP.
  19. Recurring Event:

    With recurring events the "End Date" field is when the recurring will stop. The "Start Date" field is the date that the event will occur on, for example if the start date is April 7th, 2011 and the cycle is monthly then the next date the event occurs on will be May 7th, 2011.
  20. Recurring Cycle:

    If you selected 'Recurring Event' you must select the Recurring Cycle from the drop down list. Selections include Monthly, Weekly, or Annually.
  21. Excluded Dates:

    Select excluded dates from the calendar available.
  22. Click the Create the event button.
  23. Add the event to Event Groups. On the top right click on Event Groups.
  24. In the field on the top right of the screen {Find Shared Event Groups by Name: starts with} start typing the Group Name that you would like this event added to.
    Note: Group names start with the community, such as, Mayo, Old Crow, Dawson City, etc.

    Important: All events should be in the Default Group.
  25. When the Group that you want appears click the 'Link Existing' button.

    Repeat for all groups you would like to add this event to
  26. Click 'Save' on the bottom left.

    Once you click save the event will appear on the community calendar groups that you've selected.