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Our New eHealth Solutions

Territory-wide electronic systems to provide better, safer and secure health care services to all Yukoners.

Yukon Client Registry System (CRS)

The Yukon CRS collects and stores patient demographic information (e.g., name, address, date of birth) and makes this information available, as needed, to authorized health care providers across the territory. The Yukon CRS ensures that when an authorized health care provider needs to access patient information, the correct patient record along with the patient’s most current and correct information is electronically available.

Yukon Drug Information System (DIS)

The Yukon DIS collects and maintains a single, comprehensive repository of all drugs that are dispensed by community pharmacies across Yukon. The DIS also ensures that, as needed, authorized health care providers have access to a complete, current and accurate medication profile for individual Yukoners. The medication profile provides a view of dispensed prescriptions, other medications, conditions, allergies and adverse reactions and helps ensure better care for patients.

Yukon Laboratory Information System (LIS) in Meditech

The LIS community expansion allows continuing care nurses, community nurses and other providers to connect electronically with the Whitehorse General Hospital’s Meditech Hospital Information System (Meditech) and order lab tests, track lab orders and view lab test results online. In support of the LIS community expansion, specialized lab test orders from Meditech to labs in British Columbia, as well as the return of those lab test results back to Meditech, are now being sent electronically.

Yukon Health Information Network

The Yukon Health Information Network (YHIN) includes the Client Registry System, Laboratory Information System, and Drug Information System, and is operational as of July 23, 2017.  A Ministerial Order has established the requirements that health care providers must demonstrate in order to be an authorized user of YHIN to be able to access personal health information in YHIN systems. A link to the Ministerial Orders is here


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