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eHealth Frequently Ask Questions

Q Why do we need these new eHealth solutions?

A Although Yukon already had a variety of eHealth solutions including those supporting physician and hospital care, the Department of Health and Social Services and its health care planning partners determined there would be additional value in:

  • Creating a territory-wide system in support of a single, trusted source for patient demographic information (name, address, phone numbers);
  • Extending the functionality of the territory’s current lab system to service more health care providers across the territory; and
  • Ensuring that health care providers have easier access to more complete patient medication information wherever health services are being delivered.

Q What is the Yukon Client Registry and what does it do?

A The Yukon Client Registry System (CR) is a single, territory-wide trusted source for patient demographic information. The (CR) collects and stores information such as patient name, address, and date of birth. The Yukon CR ensures that when an authorized health care provider needs to access patient information, the correct patient record along with the patient’s correct and most current information is displayed.

Q What is the Drug Information System (DIS) and what does it do?

A The DIS creates safer and more timely and complete sharing of your medication information with authorized health care providers. Providers can quickly and easily view your medication profile online. Your medication profile includes a complete listing of all your prescription medications dispensed in Yukon community pharmacies. Health care providers no longer have to contact multiple community pharmacies to get a complete picture of your current medication.

DIS benefits include:

  • Increased provider productivity;
  • Fewer adverse drug events;
  • Easier availability of medication information to providers who need it;
  • Reduced prescription medication abuse.

Q Do I, as a patient or client of health care services in Yukon, have to register to be part of these new solutions?

A No, clients/patients are automatically added as their health care providers interact with the new eHealth solutions.  What will change for Yukoners is the potential for their care to be better, safer and faster.

Q Who will have access to my medical information?

A Those within your circle of care who are providing you health care services may access your medical information, if required.

Your circle of care will generally include authorized health care providers such as: physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, and other providers.

Q How much have these new eHealth services cost?

A In partnership with Canada Health Infoway, the government of Yukon has invested over $8 million dollars in new eHealth solutions intended to improve health services for Yukon citizens. These types of investments in technology improve privacy and security in eHealth systems.

Q Who is working on these new eHealth solutions?

A The Department of Health and Social Services is leading development of these new solutions and working collaboratively with other Government departments, Canada Health Infoway and several stakeholders including Yukon Hospital Corporation Yukon Medical Association, Yukon Pharmacists Association, Yukon Registered Nurses Association and the Yukon Council of First Nations.

Contact info

eHealth Yukon

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Toll Free (Yukon, Nunavut and NWT); 1-800-661-0408 ext. 8154


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