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Child, Youth and Family Treatment Services

Child, Youth and Family Treatment Services provides confidential counselling services to children, youth, and their families who have experienced child maltreatment.

Child victims of sexual and physical abuse, neglect, and those children who have witnessed family violence receive treatment through Child, Youth and Family Treatment Services.

The program offers three categories of service:

  • counselling,
  • consultation
  • and training.

It offers treatment groups based on age and type of abuse experienced. Counselling and support groups also provide help to non-offending parent(s) and siblings. Individual and group treatment is available year-round. Pre-adolescents account for two thirds of referrals to the program.

Child maltreatment includes sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, neglect and witness to family violence.

Counsellors also provide workshops and information sessions to educate and raise awareness about the impact and prevention of child maltreatment.


Services offered

Counselling services are available to children and youth until they reach the age of nineteen.

Services include individual or family counselling.

Also offered is parenting support and groups for children, youth and parents.

Referrals are received from parents, teachers, social workers and other agencies.

Once a referral is received, a counsellor meets with the family, completes an assessment, and develops counselling goals.

Some things to consider...

  • There is no fee.
  • Services are confidential.
  • The approach to counselling is child friendly and youth oriented.
  • A youth 16 years of age or older may consent to their own treatment.
  • Custody and access disputes between parents and significant others need to be resolved prior to the child receiving treatment. A referral may still be made and parents can receive support until the dispute is settled.
  • It is important that the abuse, neglect, or family violence that occurred be reported to the appropriate resource
    (i.e. RCMP and/or Family and Children’s Services).


Families and pre-school children can now learn more about personal space and setting safe boundaries with a trilogy of colourful stories and pictures.


In 1998, Yukon Health and Social Services launched Bubbles, a book for children aged two to five that used a concete metaphor to illustrate the abstract concepts of personal integrity and space. The following year, Bubbles Everywhere and Bubbles Meets the Space Invader followed.

The main character in the books is Bubbles, a colourful cat who explores the idea of personal space - or personal "bubble" - for children. The books were written by the staff at the Child and Adolescent Therapeutic Services to teach very young children about setting boundaries. They were illustrated by Lois Bochert.

Each of the three books addresses different issues at various stages of a child's development:


The first Bubbles book helps parents introduce the concept of personal space to their young children and teach them that they have a right to a safe environment.


The second book focuses on the different kinds of bubbles that exist and how children can keep their personal bubbles and still have fun at the same time.


The third book focuses on the older child and bullying. It provides parents with tools to help their children (both the bully and the bullied) recognize bullying behaviour and find solutions.

The books are a Yukon-made addition to the field of child abuse pevention and education. We hope you will find them useful and enjoyable.

To get a hard copy of the Bubbles trilogy or to arrange a presentation, call 867-667-8227 or toll-free 1-800-661-0408 extension 8227.


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