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Breast health

Breast Health and Young Woment Information and Preferences

Women of all ages may have breast health information needs. This project addresses one particular gap in educational resources. Currently, there are few resources available that have been designed for women in their twenties and thirties.

We explored the breast health educational needs of young Yukon women: what they want and need to know about breast health, and how they wish to receive this information.

Breast health report - 2009

In May 2009 a report was compiled based on a project that was conducted in Yukon, regarding breast health. The report is entitled: Breast Health and Young Women: Information and Preferences.

The project was completed in three phases, between January and April, 2009.

We began with an internet-based environmental scan of breast health information geared to the target audience.

The objective was to identify educational resources that are readily available to women, breast health educators and health professionals. Next, we interviewed expert key informants on women’s health and breast cancer to learn what types of information they thought young women should have, and what available educational resources and gaps in resources they were aware of.

In the final phase of the project, we conducted focus groups with young Yukon women in Whitehorse and two rural communities. The focus groups were designed to help us get a better understanding of what women see as their breast health information priorities and knowledge gaps, as well as their preferred sources of health information.



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