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Youth Achievement Centre (YAC)

YAC provides day and after-school programs that promote trust, respect and responsibility in youth at risk and young people in the youth justice system.

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YukonMD is a "one-stop" recruitment site for physicians who want jobs/practice opportunities in Yukon.

Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA)

Why a new youth justice act? In May 1998, the Government of Canada launched its Youth Justice Renewal Initiative. This initiative led to the development of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, or the YCJA, which became law in April 2003, replacing the Young Offenders Act (YOA).

Youth justice

Works to prevent or reduce the incidence of youth crime; promote health and well-being of youth and families; deliver safe, secure and culturally sensitive programs in response to youth crime, and promote healthy re-integration of young persons into the community. Services offered include Youth Probation, Custody Services and Community Programs, Youth Achievement Centre, and Youth High Risk Treatment Program.

Youth justice - Definitions

Listing of Youth Justice definitions

Youth justice - Extrajudicial measures

The first consideration in most cases will be Extrajudicial Measures, or out-of court procedures. This is because the YCJA approaches youth justice with a proportionate approach to consequences.

Youth justice - Getting a lawyer

Finding a lawyer. If your child is taken into custody or arrested, it is important to hire a lawyer immediately. Everyone is entitled to legal counsel, whether innocent or guilty and the decisions that will need to be made require the help of a professional who understands the process and the law.

Youth justice - Helping your child

Emotional: Your support will be critical if your child is faced with going through the criminal justice system and maneuvering through the Youth Criminal Justice Act YCJA. It can be a scary and confusing time, even for adults.

Youth justice - Planning for the Future

How long does a youth record last? Whenever a young person enters the youth justice system, a record will be opened in their name. This record will be “open”, that is, accessible, for a specified time period. Only a very limited range of persons will have access to the record during this time.

Youth justice - Sentences

Based on the YCJA, the purpose of youth sentencing is to help protect communities by holding a young person accountable for their actions. Rehabilitating and reintegrating youth into the community are the desired end results.

Youth probation

Youth Probation provides support and supervision to youth, families, victims and communities through a detailed case management system to ensure compliance of YCJA court orders.

Yukon Communicable Disease Control

Yukon Communicable Disease Control (YCDC), in collaboration with the Chief Medical Officer of Health and the Public Health Agency of Canada, is responsible for the prevention, monitoring, and control of all communicable diseases (both vaccine and non-vaccine preventable) throughout the Yukon.

Yukon Health Information Network

The Yukon Health Information Network facilitates up–to-date clinical information to support health providers at the point of care to provide better, safer care to Yukoners.

Yukon Seniors Income Supplement (YSIS)

The Yukon Seniors Income Supplement provides an income supplement of up to $258.82 monthly to low income seniors 65 years and over who are also receiving the federal old age security (OAS) and guaranteed income supplement (GIS).

Yukon Supplementary Allowance

If you are a Yukon resident and are receiving or are eligible to receive Social Assistance, you may also be eligible to receive the Yukon Supplementary Allowance, (YSA).

Yukon Telehealth Network (YTN)

Telehealth uses videoconferencing technology to provide healthcare services and education to clients and health care professionals in their own community.

Yukon Youth Justice

Youth Probation services in the Communities. For the most part, the Youth Probation functions the same way in Yukon communities as it does in Whitehorse.

Y - Publications

Frequently Asked Questions: Yukon Health Care Card
Frequently Asked Questions: Yukon Health Care Card [387.51 kb]

Your health career in Yukon
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Youth Achievement Centre (YAC) Brochure
Youth Achievement Centre (YAC) Brochure [165.62 kb]

Yukon Child Care Board Remuneration Regulation
Yukon Child Care Board Remuneration Regulation

Yukon Child Care Board Remuneration Regulation
Yukon Child Care Board Remuneration Regulation

Yukon Licensed Child Care Centres and Family Day Homes
Yukon Licensed Child Care Centres and Family Day Homes [267.58 kb]

Yukon Reportable Diseases
Yukon Reportable Diseases [118.05 kb]

Yukon Seniors Income Supplement frequently asked questions
Yukon Seniors Income Supplement frequently asked questions  [83.99 kb]

Yukon Wildfire Smoke Response Guidelines for Protecting Public Health
Yukon Wildfire Smoke Response Guidelines for Protecting Public Health [302.75 kb]

Yukon nutrition framework
Yukon nutrition framework [5375.43 kb]


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