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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Plan for Yukon

The Government of Yukon is currently developing an FASD Plan for Yukon along with its interagency advisory committee partners. We are engaging with First Nations, community organizations and Yukoners to gather the information we need to develop this plan.

The plan will guide us as we work together to provide care to some of Yukon’s most vulnerable people. Some of the key areas of focus will include awareness, prevention, and providing people with FASD (and their families) with the services and supports they need to lead the best possible life.

The FASD interagency advisory committee is made up of Yukon government and non-government service providers, along with caregivers and people with lived experience.

Share your thoughts

We invite you to share your thoughts on how FASD impacts you and your community.

Download the discussion document below and return it to us by October 31.

Email the completed document to:

You can also mail completed documents to:

FASD Consultation
Yukon Health and Social Services
Box 2703 [H-1]
Whitehorse  Y1A 2C6

How will my input make a difference?

Your input is very important. Work on the Yukon FASD Plan has just begun. The information we gather will help us create a plan that has the greatest positive impact for all communities.

Where can I find results?

A What We Heard document will be published on this site by the end of April 2018.

About FASD

General information about FASD and its effects.

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