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Health and Social Services identifies internal improvements through Comprehensive Review

For release 19-095
May 09, 2019

Improved service to Yukoners is the focus of 14 internal improvements identified in the first phase of the Health and Social Services Comprehensive Review

The first phase of the review, which wrapped up at the end of January, included reviewing all programs and services delivered by the Department of Health and Social Services. This internal review identified several improvements, including: social assistance payments to be deposited directly into the bank accounts of clients; introducing electronic drug prescriptions for easier transmission to pharmacies; better use of the departmental clinical psychologist to work across the department; and introducing an online navigator to help individuals identify where they can go to seek assistance with the department.

The review also identified several internal efficiencies including streamlined internal processes around payment models, improved use of mobile devices and more flexible staffing.

Over the first part of the Comprehensive Review significant analysis identified internal improvements to programs and services that support Yukoners. These improvements are in various stages of planning and implementation and Yukoners will hear more about them in the coming months .Minister of Health and Social Services Pauline Frost

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