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New transitional home now operational

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Dec 03, 2015

WHITEHORSE— Minister of Health and Social Services Mike Nixon today announced that the transitional living facility for people with diagnosed mental health conditions has opened.

“We have been working with the Yukon Housing Corporation and Challenge Disability Resource Group to retrofit the facility and select the clients who will most benefit from this environment,” Nixon said.

The signing of an agreement between the Government of Yukon and Challenge Disability Resource Group to operate the facility was announced earlier this year. Retrofits to an old Yukon Housing Corporation building are complete and offer five transitional living suites for individuals with complex mental health issues.

“Three participants have moved into the new facility as of December 1,” Challenge Disability Resource Group executive director Rick Goodfellow said. “Challenge is providing 14 residential support workers, while the Department of Health and Social Services will take care of therapies and treatment.”

The retrofit accommodates five to ten participants at any one time, and provides them with a safe place to establish stability while receiving support through treatment and counselling. Clients will learn basic cooking, financial, cleaning and reading skills that will help them transition into long-term housing.

The transitional living facility is part of the Yukon government’s long-term plan for mental health and addictions services.

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