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Territorial government hosting Summit on Aging in Yukon

The summit is part of a broader, long-term public engagement.

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Hon. Pauline Frost



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Attention YSIS recipients.Feature 1 Image

It has been noted that there are errors on the T-5007’s recently sent out to Yukoners receiving the Yukon Seniors Income Supplement. The department is aware of the error and is already working to reissue corrected forms. The Canada Revenue Agency has also been informed of the error. Every effort will be made to ensure this does not occur again.

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Early Learning and Child Care Bilateral AgreementFeature 2 Image

Funding from the bilateral agreement will benefit Yukon children, parents, licensed child care owners and early childcare care educators

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Support those who are trying to avoid alcoholFeature 3 Image

Be supportive. Have non-alcoholic beverages available when hosting a party or having friends over. Don't judge or ask "why" if someone refuses an alcoholic beverage.

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